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2011-02-25 13:29:43 by Neophyte-Ronin

Look at the Aura of this profile and read: it is EVIL. I Vote mainly zeroes, often to no avail, but might throw in a two if you're lucky. Fives are reserved for those pieces that actually impress me, which are rare.

Some youngblood dumbfuck came by a post and expressed how he felt about me. Either at prick's moving out of state or he dies. I don't put Bay-Staters to shame, Bay-Staters put Bay-Staters to shame.




I've started working on the Freedom project lately. My brother envisioned a dystopian "Big Brother" world like 1984 or the movie Brazil. I always had the impression that it was stained with a suspicion surrounding psychiatry, but not as far as what Scientology would have us believe. If you're capable of not being a dick, feel free to tag on whatever else you'd like to see in a gloomy, nihilistic film like that, and if I like the idea I'll do whatever is necessary to accommodate it.


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2011-04-24 00:18:44

I enjoyed your review you dbag.


2011-05-29 05:10:34

Aw, now I feel special.


2011-08-05 03:35:43

I realize that the internet is all about freedom of speech and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but MAN - I've been reading some of your reviews and stuff? Evil is an understatement:
"I have no intention of letting such rancid s--t pass the judgment phase and into the site; they deserve only to lounge within the icy maw of Cocytus for all eternity. And they're f---ing persistent, too!"
Who do you think you are? Get over yourself. We're all human here. Just because you can type longer than most people doesn't make you superior to everyone, which is certainly how you seem to come across. You are a sad, miserable person, and you have my pity.


2011-12-24 01:29:39

you're still an asshole, writing a paragraph doesn't change this.


2012-02-25 20:44:11

You're a fat virgin! :D


2012-03-25 14:57:20

Hey, you may be an asshole, but the review was still good. :) I've made a few edits to the game.

(and apparently you're a fat virgin? I guess the 'rational mind' can't get laid hehe)


2012-07-22 22:07:12

*boards the hate-wagon*
I fart in your general direction.

He's much more degrading in person, but he's also family - you can all go pound sand.


2012-12-16 21:12:25

You are a huge douche. Congratulations!
You should go jump in a hole and spout your pseudo-academic pretentious bullshit there ,since you don't contribute anything to society.